Table 1.

Left Ventricular Function

SalineHydrogel AloneHydrogel+ESA
Cardiac output, mL/min27.0±8.6; P=0.00834.9±8.5; P=0.00946.1±10.4
Ejection fraction, %39.7±4.2; P<0.00149.7±13.9; P=0.0162.2±6.1
LVIDd, cm0.767±0.126; P=0.020.692±0.200; P=0.20.635±0.113
ESPVR6.4±5.6; P<0.00112.6±3.8; P=0.00420.1±6.5
  • P values refer to comparison between hydrogel+ESA group and the control group; saline or hydrogel alone. ESA indicates engineered stromal cell–derived factor analog; ESPVR, end systolic pressure volume relationship; and LVIDd, left ventricular diameter at end diastole.