Table 4-1.

Met 2008 Federal Aerobic and Strengthening PA Guidelines for Adults

Population GroupPrevalence, 2014 (Age ≥18 y), %
Both sexes21.4
NH white only23.6
NH black only20.0
Hispanic or Latino15.3
Asian only17.0
American Indian/Alaska Native only24.0
  • “Met 2008 federal PA guidelines for adults” is defined as engaging in ≥150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic leisure-time physical activity per week (or an equivalent combination) and engaging in leisure-time strengthening physical activity at least twice a week. Data are age adjusted for adults ≥18 years of age. NH indicates non-Hispanic; and PA, physical activity.

  • Source: National Health Interview Survey 2014 (National Center for Health Statistics).11