Abbreviations Used in Chapter 4

AHAAmerican Heart Association
BMIbody mass index
BNPB-type natriuretic peptide
CARDIACoronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults
CHDcoronary heart disease
CIconfidence interval
CRPC-reactive protein
CVDcardiovascular disease
DBPdiastolic blood pressure
DMdiabetes mellitus
EFejection fraction
EPIC-NorfolkEuropean Prospective Investigation Into Cancer and Nutrition—Norfolk Cohort
FMDflow-mediated dilation
HbA1chemoglobin A1c
HBPhigh blood pressure
HDL-Chigh-density lipoprotein cholesterol
HFheart failure
HRhazard ratio
LDL-Clow-density lipoprotein cholesterol
LVleft ventricular
MImyocardial infarction
NAVIGATORA Multinational, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Forced-Titration, 2 × 2 Factorial Design Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Long-Term Administration of Nateglinide and Valsartan in the Prevention of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Subjects With Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT)
NHANESNational Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
NHISNational Health Interview Survey
PAphysical activity
PADperipheral artery disease
PARpopulation attributable risk
RCTrandomized controlled trial
RRrelative risk
SBPsystolic blood pressure
SDstandard deviation
TCtotal cholesterol
WHIWomen’s Health Initiative
WHOWorld Health Organization
YRBSSYouth Risk Behavior Surveillance System