Table 3-1.

Cigarette Smoking

Population GroupPrevalence, 2014 (Age ≥18 y*48)Cost5
Both sexes43 904 000 (16.9%)$289 Billion per year
Males24 348 000 (18.8%)
Females19 518 000 (15.1%)
NH white males19.9%
NH white females18.3%
NH black males21.4%
NH black females13.4%
Hispanic or Latino males13.8%
Hispanic or Latino females7.4%
Asian-only males13.8%
Asian-only females5.5%
American Indian/Alaska Native–only males18.6%
American Indian/Alaska Native–only females21.6%
Living at <100% of poverty level27.8%
Living at 100%–199% of poverty level23.6%
Living at ≥200% of poverty level15.0%
  • Percentages are age adjusted. Estimates for Asian-only and American Indian/Alaska Native–only include non-Hispanic and Hispanic people. Ellipses (…) indicate data not available; and NH, non-Hispanic.

  • * Rounded to the nearest thousand; based on total resident population.

  • Estimates are for 2011 to 2013.

  • Data derived from the National Center for Health Statistics, National Health Interview Survey, Health Data Interactive.7