Abbreviations Used in Chapter 6

AFatrial fibrillation
AFFIRMAtrial Fibrillation Follow-up Investigation of Rhythm Management
AHAAmerican Heart Association
ARICAtherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study
BMIbody mass index
BPblood pressure
BRFSSBehavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
CACcoronary artery calcification
CADcoronary artery disease
CARDIACoronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CHDcoronary heart disease
CHFcongestive heart failure
CIconfidence interval
CVDcardiovascular disease
DALYdisability-adjusted life-year
DMdiabetes mellitus
HbA1chemoglobin A1c
HDL-Chigh-density lipoprotein cholesterol
HRhazard ratio
HUNT 2Nord-Trøndelag Health Study
IMTintima-media thickness
LABSLongitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery
MEPSMedical Expenditure Panel Survey
MESAMulti-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis
MImyocardial infarction
NCDRNational Cardiovascular Data Registry
NCHSNational Center for Health Statistics
NHANESNational Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
NHDSNational Hospital Discharge Survey
NHISNational Health Interview Survey
NHLBINational Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
ORodds ratio
PAphysical activity
RRrelative risk
RYGBRoux-en-Y gastric bypass
SBPsystolic blood pressure
SDstandard deviation
SOSSwedish Obese Subjects
STEMIST-segment–elevation myocardial infarction
TCtotal cholesterol
Teen-LABSTeen Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery
UIuncertainty interval
VTEvenous thromboembolism
WHIWomen’s Health Initiative
WHOWorld Health Organization