Table 2-1.

Definitions of Poor, Intermediate, and Ideal Cardiovascular Health for Each Metric in the AHA 2020 Goals

Level of Cardiovascular Health for Each Metric
Current smoking
 Adults ≥20 y of ageYesFormer ≥12 moNever or quit >12 mo
 Children 12–19 y of age*Tried during the prior 30 dNever tried; never smoked whole cigarette
 Adults ≥20 y of age≥30 kg/m225–29.9 kg/m2<25 kg/m2
 Children 2–19 y of age>95th percentile85th–95th percentile<85th percentile
 Adults ≥20 y of ageNone1–149 min/wk moderate or 1–74 min/wk vigorous or 1–149 min/wk moderate + 2×vigorous≥150 min/wk moderate or ≥75 min/wk vigorous or ≥150 min/wk moderate + 2×vigorous
 Children 12–19 y of ageNone>0 and <60 min of moderate or vigorous every day≥60 min of moderate or vigorous every day
Healthy diet pattern, No. of components (AHA diet score)
 Adults ≥20 y of age<22–34–5
 Children 5–19 y of age<22–34–5
Total cholesterol, mg/dL
 Adults ≥20 y of age≥240200–239 or treated to goal<200
 Children 6–19 y of age≥200170–199<170
Blood pressure
 Adults ≥20 y of ageSBP ≥140 mm Hg or DBP ≥90 mm HgSBP 120–139 mm Hg or DBP 80–89 mm Hg or treated to goal<120 mm Hg/<80 mm Hg
 Children 8–19 y of age>95th percentile90th–95th percentile or SBP ≥120 mm Hg or DBP ≥80 mm Hg<90th percentile
Fasting plasma glucose, mg/dL
 Adults ≥20 y of age≥126100–125 or treated to goal<100
 Children 12–19 y of age≥126100–125<100
  • AHA indicates American Heart Association; BMI, body mass index; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; ellipses (. . .), data not available; PA, physical activity; and SBP, systolic blood pressure.

  • * Age ranges in children for each metric depend on guidelines and data availability.

  • Represents appropriate energy balance, that is, appropriate dietary quantity and PA to maintain normal body weight.

  • In the context of a healthy dietary pattern that is consistent with a Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension [DASH]–type eating pattern, to consume ≥4.5 cups/d of fruits and vegetables, ≥2 servings/wk of fish, and ≥3 servings/d of whole grains and no more than 36 oz/wk of sugar-sweetened beverages and 1500 mg/d of sodium. The consistency of one’s diet with these dietary targets can be described using an alternative continuous AHA diet score, scaled from 0 to 100 (see chapter on Nutrition).

  • Modified from Lloyd-Jones et al1 with permission. Copyright © 2010, American Heart Association, Inc.