Table 21-2.

Rheumatic Fever/Rheumatic Heart Disease

Population GroupMortality, 2013: All Ages*Hospital Discharges, 2010: All Ages
Both sexes326020 000
Males1141 (35.0%)5000
Females2119 (65.0%)15 000
NH white males932
NH white females1765
NH black males98
NH black females153
Hispanic males52
Hispanic females110
NH Asian or Pacific Islander122
NH American Indian or Alaska Native21
  • Ellipses (…) indicate data not available; and NH, non-Hispanic.

  • * Mortality for American Indian or Alaska Native and Asian and Pacific Islander people should be interpreted with caution because of inconsistencies in reporting race on the death certificate compared with censuses, surveys, and birth certificates. Studies have shown underreporting on death certificates of American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian and Pacific Islander, and Hispanic decedents, as well as undercounts of these groups in censuses.

  • These percentages represent the portion of total mortality that is for males vs females.

  • Includes Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Japanese, and Other Asian or Pacific Islander.

  • Sources: Mortality: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/National Center for Health Statistics, 2013 Mortality Multiple Cause-of-Death–United States; data represent underlying cause of death only. Hospital discharges: National Hospital Discharge Survey, National Center for Health Statistics, and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; data include those inpatients discharged alive, dead, or of unknown status.