Table 3-1.

Prevalence (%) of Current Cigarette Smoking for Adults ≥18 Years of Age by Sex, Race/Ethnicity, and Income Status (NHIS, 2015)

Population GroupPrevalence, 2015* (Age ≥18 y) (%)Cost7
Both sexes37 662 000 (15.2)$289 Billion per year
Males20 143 000 (16.7)
Females17 421 000 (13.7)
NH white males17.8
NH white females16.8
NH black males20.3
NH black females13.1
Hispanic or Latino males12.7
Hispanic or Latino females7.0
NH Asian-only males11.6
NH Asian-only females2.6
NH American Indian/Alaska Native–only males20.9
NH American Indian/Alaska Native–only females22.2
Living at <100% of poverty level27.8
Living at 100%–199% of poverty level23.6
Living at ≥200% of poverty level15.0
  • Percentages are age adjusted. Estimates for Asian-only and American Indian/Alaska Native–only include non-Hispanic and Hispanic people. Ellipses (…) indicate data not available; and NH, non-Hispanic.

  • * Rounded to the nearest thousand; based on total resident population.

  • Estimates are for 2011 to 2013.

  • Data derived from the National Center for Health Statistics.6