Table 3.

Appendix: Language Scales

ScaleDescription and Type of ScaleTime and AdministrationComments
Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination18Assesses sample speech and language behavior on a 6-point ordinal scale Modalities assessed: fluency, naming, word finding, repetition, serial speech, auditory comprehension, reading, and writing. Examiner judges grammar, syntax, frequency of paraphrases, and articulation.Uses: formal assessment and monitoring Time: 1–4 hWidely used, comprehensive, good standardization data, and sound theroretical rationale.
ASHA FACS1943-item rating scale of functional communication skills Modalities assessed: social communication, communication of daily needs, reading, writing, number concepts, and daily planningUses: formal assessment and monitoring Time: 15 minRelies on observations of communicative behavior by rater, although input from professionals and families is also permitted.