Table 5.

Appendix: BADL Scales

ScaleDescription and Type of ScaleTime and AdministrationComments
Barthel Index22Ordinal scale with scores from 0 (totally dependent) to 100 (independent)Clinician observation <40 minWidely established measure for disability; strong reliability and validity.
10 weighted items: feeding, bathing, grooming, dressing, bladder control, bowel control, toileting, chair/bed transfer, mobility, and stair climbingAppropriate for screening, formal assessment, monitoring, and maintenance
FIM23Ordinal scale with 18 items, 7-level scale with scores 18–126. Areas of evaluation: feeding, self-care, sphincter control, mobility, locomotion, communication, and social cognitionClinician observation <40 min Appropriate for screening, formal assessment, monitoring, maintenance, and program evaluationWidely accepted in rehabilitation; proven measure of ADL and social cognition; standardized interobserver reliability by certification of clinicians.