Table 1.

Summary of Key BLS Components for Adults, Children and Infants

RecognitionUnresponsive (for all ages)
No breathing, not breathing normally (eg, only gasping)No breathing or only gasping
No pulse palpated within 10 seconds (HCP Only)
Compression RateAt least 100/min
Compression DepthAt least 2 inches (5 cm)At least 1/3 AP Depth About 2 inches (5 cm)At least 1/3 AP Depth About 1 Embedded Image inches (4 cm)
Chest Wall RecoilAllow Complete Recoil Between Compressions HCPs Rotate Compressors Every 2 minutes
Compression InterruptionsMinimize Interruptions in Chest Compressions Attempt to limit interruptions to less than 10 seconds
AirwayHead tilt-chin lift (HCP suspected trauma: jaw thrust)
Compression to Ventilation Ratio (until advanced airway placed)30:2 (1 or 2 rescuers)30:2 Single Rescuer 15:2 2 HCP Rescuers30:2 Single Rescuer 15:2 2 HCP Rescuers
Ventilations: When rescuer Untrained or Trained and Not ProficientCompressions Only
Ventilations with advanced airway (HCP)1 breath every 6–8 seconds (8–10 breaths/min) Asynchronous with chest compressions About 1 second per breath Visible Chest Rise
DefibrillationAttach and use AED as soon as available. Minimize interruptions in chest compressions before and after shock, resume CPR beginning with compressions immediately after each shock