Table 6.

Representative Primary Patency Rates for Surgical Treatment of Lower Extremity Occlusive Disease

Aortoiliac Disease
ProcedureIndicationn5-y Patency (%)5-y Limb Salvage (%)Reference
Ao-fem bypassMixed167985NA296
Ax-fem bypassMixed1847192297
Ao-iliac endarterectomyMixed18090NA298
Femoropopliteal Disease
Procedure Indication n* 5-y Patency (%) 5-y Limb Salvage (%)
RSV AK FPClaudication69NA
AV AK FPClaudication60NA
HUV AK FPClaudication70NA
PTFE AK FPClaudication60NA
RSV BK FPMixed7775
ISV BK FPMixed6878
AV BK FPLimb salvage7078
RSV FTLimb salvage6282
ISV FTLimb salvage6883
AV FTLimb salvage5882
HUV FTLimb salvage37NA
PTFE FTLimb salvage2148
Aut redoLimb salvage57NA
Pros redoLimb salvage34NA
Combined Treatment of Multilevel Disease
Ao-fem or Ax-fem plus Aut FP or FTMixed6290†90‡
  • Ao-fem indicates aortofemoral; Ax-fem, axillofemoral; Ao-iliac, aortoiliac; Mixed, series included grafts performed for limb salvage and claudication; NA, not available or not given; RSV, reversed saphenous vein; ISV, in situ saphenous vein; AV, arm vein; HUV, human umbilical vein; PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene; AK, above knee; BK, below knee; FP, femoral popliteal; FT, femoral tibial; Aut, autogenous conduit; Pros, prosthetic conduit; Redo, repeat bypass grafting after failure of initial grafting; *results based upon a review of 45 series collected by Dalman293,294.

    †2-year results.

    ‡4-year results.