TABLE 3. Comparison of Observed and Predicted Risks Among Women in the Women’s Health Study*

Model Without HDL 10-Year Risk (%)Model With HDL 10-Year Risk (%)% Reclassified
0 to <5%5 to <10%10 to <20%20%+
*This comparison uses models that include Framingham risk factors with and without HDL. All estimated and observed risks represent 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease.
†Percent classified in each risk stratum by the model with HDL.
‡Observed proportion of participants developing cardiovascular disease in each category.
0% to <5%
    Total, n2265569660
    Observed 10-year risk (%)
5% to <10%
    Total, n59317122910
    Observed 10-year risk (%)3.77.614.7
10% to <20%
    Total, n321451276
    Observed 10-year risk (%)0.07.510.723.3
    Total, n0041102
    Observed 10-year risk (%)15.832.5